Was odysseus a good or bad

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Was Odysseus a Good or Bad Leader? Why?

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Is Odysseus A Good Leader

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Odysseus is a good leader

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(Odyssey)What are some good and bad qualities of Odysseus?

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Nov 07,  · Unlike characters from other epics, Odysseus from Homer’s The Odyssey developed greatly throughout the epic. Just like the everyday human, Odysseus displays both admirable and imperfect qualities.

Is Odysseus A Good Leader

After the Trojan War, his many flaws prevented him from returning home until he learned from them. Analyzing Odysseus’s character is a challenge because. Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest: Episode One review - The five-part comic sci-fi series launches with a short but appealing debut, though a few rough edges prevent being completely sucked in just yet.

UPDATED 09/13/ Homer's "Iliad" is a truly 5-star great work of literature, and I certainly agree with all the other reviewers who extol its virtues, but the person who translates this epic poem into English from the archaic Greek is all-important to one's appreciation and enjoyment of it.

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The first bad decision that Odysseus made was poking Polyphemus’ eye out. Even though it was necessary to escape, poking the sea god’s son’s eye out is never a good idea. To make matters worse, Odysseus bragged about his accomplishment later to the cyclops. The Warrior. Odysseus was one of the fiercest warriors at the siege of Troy.

His reputation for being a crafty and savvy negotiator was eclipsed by his reputation as a man of action and ferocity.

Was odysseus a good or bad
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