Vsftpd chroot write access

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Allowing FTP Access to Files Outside the Home Directory Chroot

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Allowing FTP Access to Files Outside the Home Directory Chroot

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Linux Internet Server Security and Configuration Tutorial

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Allowing FTP Access to Files Outside the Home Directory Chroot

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vsftpd refusing to run with writable anonymous root

You'll thirteen a client with SSL trait too. vsftpd refusing to run with writable anonymous root Im trying to set up an anonymous ftp server with vsftp. I want a user to be able to write to a directory, any skayra.coms: 5. The vsftpd version that comes with Ubuntu Precise does not permit chrooted local users to write by default.

By default you will have this in /etc/skayra.com I am running vsftpd as ftp server on my linux (rasbian), I log in to the machine as a root user. I would like to be still locked to using only /var/www, how can I configure vsftpd conf to accompli. I have added a user to the system via the adduser tool.

Then, in /etc/passwd, I tried changing the /bin/bash to /sbin/nologin or to /dev/null, but neither of these worked. I would like the user not. I'm a novice with Linux/Unix.

How to install and configure a FTP Server in Linux CentOS x with VSFTPD

Basically I'm attempting to setup a Web server, and FTP server on a Linux box via SSH. My plan is to have Apache's root folder inside the main user account like /home/.

Also, every user is chrooted to its home directory (/home/username) chroot_local_user=YES I can log in, Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

Vsftpd chroot write access
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Linux Web Server and Domain Configuration Tutorial