On fan kuans travelers among mountains

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On Fan Kuan’s Travelers Among Mountains and Streams Essay Sample

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Travelers Among Mountains and Streams

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Inside the train, riding a maglev rail speeding ahead across the mountains, Bolin, now wearing a green uniform with silver metallic platting on the shoulders and a metallic belt approached. To the right of the mule train, among the leaves, is the signature of Fan Kuan, a final touch by an artist to epitomize the insignificance of humans (including himself) compared to Nature.

The signature was discovered by Li Lincan (李霖燦), a scholar at the National Palace Museum in Taipei, on August 5, The Chinese artist Fan Kuan created _____ in his work Travelers among Mountains and Streams by alternating bands of lighter and darker values.

depth In addition to alternating value, Fan Kuan's Travelers among Mountains and Streams uses this process to give the viewer a sense that some areas are closer than others.

Home >> Art >> Painting >> Masters >> Fan Kuan Painting Gallery Travelers Among Mountains. Full text of "Issues of Authenticity in Chinese Painting" See other formats. View Top 10 Things about Fan Kuan's Travelers from ARH at Miami Dade College, Miami.

Travelers Among Mountains and Streams

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On fan kuans travelers among mountains
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