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Molly Keane Award Please excuse a bit of awkward boasting – and possible snivelling – as I report that I have been named the winner of this year’s Molly Keane Creative Writing Award.

It was news I had to keep under my hat for a few weeks, which was fine because I needed that time to process the. Theresa from Mouse is a Molly Keane Creative Writing Award winner and has had her work published in various literary journals.

She is currently working on a novel as well as short form fiction and poetry. molly keane creative writing award Waterford City & County Council’s Arts Office is pleased to announce that it is currently accepting entries for the Molly Keane Creative Writing Award The late writer lived, until her death inin Ardmore, Co.

Waterford. Molly Keane Writers Retreat Centre, Ardmore. likes. Molly Keane was an Irish novelist & playwright. Born inshe grew up in Wexford. She later. Waterford City & County Council’s Arts Office is pleased to announce that it is currently accepting entries for the Molly Keane Creative Writing Award The late writer lived, until her death inin Ardmore, Co.

Waterford. Her first ten novels and four plays were published under the pseudonym M.J.

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