Lvmh marketing strategy

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Sony Corp in Consumer Electronics

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The LVMH Spirit

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Marketing & Communications

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Our fan-centric perspective drives the way we think, create and design to transform audiences into devoted fans. This isn’t the only move LVMH has made to respond to this issue in recent months, however.

In fact, it has undertaken several additional strategies in the China market to reassert its exclusive brand image in China’s changing luxury landscape. The LVMH group comprises 70 exceptional Houses, which create products that convey finely honed savoir-faire and preserved heritage while remaining firmly anchored in modernity.

Managing Partner. Stéphane Olmi is the head of the Investment Banking team. Before joining AEC Partners inStéphane was Executive Director (“Gérant”) at Lazard Frères where he was responsible for the middle market in Paris & Lyon.

Our Marketing & Communication employees design and develop products and tools which perfectly convey the spirit of our Houses – LVMH. Learn how companies like Microsoft, LVMH, and IBM are approaching marketing strategy and digital transformation to drive meaningful change within their organization.

To keep up with the ever-expanding number of customer touch points and communication channels and effectively meet the demands of.

Lvmh marketing strategy
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