Greatest good for the greatest number

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The Top 50 greatest fiction books of all time determined by lists and articles from various critics, authors and experts. Bentham said “The Greatest good for the greatest number”, essentially referring to quantity of pleasure. Joshua used the comparison of hitting and killing one person instead of five people with a trolley as example for what a utilitarian would have chosen to do.

In this example the greatest number was compromised because of moral reasoning. Episode 1 Part two, “The Case for Cannibalism” is a real life story that asks the question if the four survivors of the Mignonette ship were morally justified. The Greatest Good is available as a 3-disk DVD set!

Order yours online. This illustrated Companion Book provides an engaging look at the Forest Service's first years as it enters a new century of service. "Extracts from Bentham's Commonplace Book", in Collected Works, x, p.

greatest good for the greatest number

; He credits Priestley in his Essay on the First Principles of Government () or Beccaria with inspiring his use of the phrase, often paraphrased as "The greatest good for the greatest number", but the statement "the greatest happiness for the greatest number" actually.

Greatest good for the greatest number
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