Good leader is a good follower

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What Makes A Good Leader

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Gloria Steinem, Political Activist Do not enough for leaders; do it alone, inside to person. A Good Leader is a Good Follower To differentiate leader from follower is difficult; they have several similarities as well as also have some differences.

In leadership, one should have to take risk and lead the team; have ability to see opportunity that other cannot see.

A GOOD LEADER IS A GOOD FOLLOWER. Being a leader is a great responsibility, In their hands depends the success of a community or a team, a leader is the one who makes big decisions, they are the one who gives commands and a small mistakes from a leader can be a.

In our society being a follower is put in such a negative context when ultimately is exactly what we need to become a great leader.

How to be a Leader and Not a Follower

Brilliant! I am couple years into my career and especially agree with being optimistic and bring a positive attitude to the workplace. A good leader, will push teamwork rather than individual achievements.

They compliment members of the group under their care in order to motivate team members and get them to buy into their plan.

How to Prove You’re Not Just a Good Leader, But a Good Follower

Followers are dragged across the finish line, some kicking and screaming. develop intelligence? Moreover, the entire subject of leader-ship principles always strikes me as a bit grandiose, because how does one become a good follower? This is a responsi- Rules of Good Followership gleaned from those years.

1. Don’t blame your boss for an unpopular decision or.

Should a good leader be a good follower?

May 29,  · Best Answer: i disagree to be a good leader you need to be consistent BUT flexible. Thick skinned BUT sensitive.

Have confidence, foster good communication, learn to delegate and know your own limitations. if you are truly a good leader you don't make a good follower!Status: Resolved.

Good leader is a good follower
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