Good and bad spirits in hamlet

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Hamlet Quotes in Context

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Good vs. Evil in Hamlet

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Introduction to Discernment of Spirits

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Hamlet Act II questions study guide by snorko includes 37 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. either good or bad, but thinking makes it so: to me As he is very potent with such spirits, Abuses me to damn me" YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE 37 terms.

Hamlet. Feb 01,  · The Ghost: Good vs.

Do you think that the ghost in Hamlet is a good spirit or bad omen ,evil ?

Evil Last Friday, I went to see my friend play the role of Afi (Ofelia) in Revenge of a King, the hip-hop rendition of Hamlet. Though few similarities exist between Shakespeare’s version and this new-age adaptation other than a somewhat comparable plot, one resounding likeness was the existence of the ghost of Hamlet.

This spirit while claiming to want justice, is leading Hamlet to perform an act of evil by killing Claudius. Hamlet seeks the spirit, and allows it to influence him as seen in the following quote.

“If thou hast any sound, or use of voice, Speak to me” (Shakespeare,Act 1, Scene 1). Hamlet emphasizes how a good and pure spirit becomes destroyed by ambition turning him to evil, the aspiration of becoming renowned and accepted.

“My thoughts be bloody or be nothing worth.” (Hamlet, 66) Hamlet has revealed his own crisis.

Good and bad spirits in hamlet
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Hamlet: Chapter V What is the ghost?