Fdi in vietnam

Vietnam in 2017: Spotting Opportunities for FDI

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Why foreign investment in Vietnam is booming

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Why foreign investment in Vietnam is booming

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Vietnam’s export turnover of goods in reached US$ billion, with the FDI sector and domestic sector growing by 23 and percent respectively. In numbers, the FDI sector was responsible for US$ billion of export turnover, while the domestic sector accounted for US$ billion.

FDI Opportunities in Vietnam in 2018

country environment for FDI, and better positioning Vietnam to take advantage of external developments in the international business environment. FDI in Vietnam: the story so far. FDI surges in Vietnam. The opening up of Vietnam’s economy, together with an ongoing regulatory overhaul, is creating a huge flow of investment into the southeast Asian country.

Foreign direct investment net inflows in Vietnam 2013-2017

Inflows are expected to continue, confirming the country's position as one of the most attractive country in terms of FDI in Asia. Thanks to FDI, Vietnam now produces high value-added products such as smart phones and tablets.

In the last few years, the amount as well as quality of FDI in Vietnam increased. FDI accounted for 25% of investment in Vietnam between andand contributed % of GDP in This has also made FDI a major generator of employment, with m direct and 4m indirect jobs created by foreign investors.

Foreign direct investment into Vietnam increased by percent from a year earlier to USD billion in January-October Meanwhile, FDI pledges for new projects, increased capital and stake acquisitions dropped by percent to USD billion.

Fdi in vietnam
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