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How to Hyperlink Your Table of Contents in Microsoft Word

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How to Hyperlink Your Table of Contents in Microsoft Word

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Formatting Additional Pages

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This window gives you a magazine of information and has you to tweak your table of settings in almost any way you were. Large Portions of Course Maps If copyright permission is written, you must submit written approval for the use of the paraphrased material along with your thesis or lecturer.

You also have control over even more in-depth league with the Format button located at the bottom nuance corner of the Size Styles window:. Nov 04,  · Thesis & Dissertation Prep 6: Creating a Table of Contents in MS Word Managing a Thesis using Word How to create an Automatic Table of Contents in Word - Duration.

The table of contents is an index of everything in the dissertation - it should not include the title and contents page! A table of contents, TOC for short, lists in order the varying chapters of your dissertation all the way through to the bibliography and appendices.

Using this article, you should be able to understand how to create the best table of contents for dissertation. The use of Table of Contents while being important for most written work, is very important for dissertations, especially, when the proper methodology of creating the table of contents is followed.

Note: The rules and guidelines for thesis and dissertation formatting are developed by the Graduate School. Questions about the guidelines, or interpretation of them, should be directed to the Office of Degree Requirements at () the table of contents.

The word continued should appear at the bottom of the previous page.

How to Create Best Table of Contents for Dissertation

If possible, begin the chapter title or a level one heading entire dissertation (beginning with the title page and continuing through the last page of the last appendix). Maintain a 1½ inch. Microsoft Word can scan your document and find everything in the Heading 1 style and put that on the first level of your table of contents, put any Heading 2’s on the second level of .

Dissertation table of contents word
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