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DENR ADOPTS THE SUSTAINABLE INTEGRATED AREA DEVELOPMENT Poblacion, Santol, La Union. The DENR -1 headed by Regional Director Paquito T. Moreno, Jr. and PENRO Maximo F. Soriano, Jr. of La Union conducted ocular inspection of the proposed pilot site for sustainable integrated area development (SIAD) at Barangays Poblacion and Corro-oy in Santol, La Union, consisting.

OIC, PENR Officer Ranulfo Quetorio Arbiol, is the 12th Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer (PENRO) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Provincial Office in Leyte, since its reorganization on June 10, per E.O.

and later until its functional structure was rationalized under the government’s rationalization program per Executive Order No. Employees of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) 6 recently attended the Learning Event on Procurement Act (Republic Act ) to further enhance their knowledge in matters of procurement of goods and services.

However, by virtue of the memorandum dated January 07, of the Undersecretary for Field Operations, and pursuant to the DENR Rationalization Plan, the CENRO West, CENRO East and Interim PENRO were merged and became one, now known as CENRO Zamboagna City. The official office is located at the former Regional Office of the Bureau of Lands.

A professional geologist with a broad range of experience from metal mining to oil & gas industry. Worked for 3 years in the mining industry as a Mine and Exploration geologist on Primary epithermal Gold and Porphyry Au-Cu deposits with a good experience in mapping and mineral prospecting.

The confirmation of my ad interim appointment as DENR Secretary will allow me to continue to institute reforms, and pursue programs and projects that would truly .

Denr penro software engineering
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