Comparing values

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==, .equals(), compareTo(), and compare()

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Compare values in table

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An article clarifying the various ways of comparing two values for equality Introduction. The various ways of comparing two values for equality can be very confusing.

Comparing Numbers and Place Values

In fact if we have two objects a and b in C# there are at least four ways to compare their identity. How do we compare these values? If you wanted to compare the two years you would see that by using the CPI, the GDP deflator or the consumer bundle, $ in is equivalent to a value between $1, and $1, in Name: _____ Comparing Integers Compare.

Use the symbols: and. a. 3 _____ −5 b. −10 _____ 0 c.

Working with Objects in Java

−7 _____ 7 d. −1 _____ −1 e. −8 _____ −2 f. Comparing two experimental values Percent difference is used when comparing two experimental results E 1 and E 2 that were obtained using two different methods. Comparing the Value of a Control to a Fixed Value Instead of using CompareValidator to compare the values of two controls, you can use it to compare a value in one control to a fixed value.

For example, suppose that you are building an auction Web site, and you want a user to enter a .

Comparing values
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