A good experience of learning in the class emerging leaders

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First Year Engagement Program

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Emerging Leaders take part in a specialized class called Akron Experience: University in the fall and a Leadership Principles course in the spring, are mentored by upperclassmen student leaders within Residence Life and Housing, and come into The University of Akron already a part of the Residence Hall Program Board (RHPB) as a member of.

Lipscomb University is launching a new executive leadership program for emerging business leaders called CEO Connect that will begin this August at its new Spark location in downtown Nashville and is seeking nominations for the program’s inaugural class.

Emerging Leaders. On-the-job training prepares teacher leaders, coaches, and assistant principals to boost achievement across multiple classrooms —. Emerging Leaders is such an amazing class that teaches you not only how to be a leader, but more importantly, about yourself.

Natalia R. Fall, The class was a great learning experience for a future leadership position. Emerging Leaders is an interactive and innovative program that prepares younger professionals from across all sectors to serve as nonprofit board members, committee members, and/or skilled volunteers.

Emerging Leaders Program Overview and Q&As Program Overview The Office of Human Resources’ (OHR) Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is a 10 session, 80 -hour program is intended to offer a learning experience that allows participants to: Provide constructive feedback for the good of the program and your own learning needs.


Are You an Emerging Leader? A good experience of learning in the class emerging leaders
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